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Board of Education Policy on Use of Technology

Letter from the Superintendent

G Suite FAQs

The Cheyenne Mountain School District has partnered with Google in adopting Google G Suite to provide a collection of free on line collaboration tools and applications.  Below is a series of frequently asked questions about G Suite:


What is Google G Suite?

G Suite is a collection of free on line applications.  These applications do not reside on a computer itself; rather, they are accessed through a web browser.  The is considered working in the "cloud."  The benefit of this structure allows flexibility in accessing documents and projects from ANY computer with Internet access.  Students and staff can access their school documents from the lab, the classroom, the public library, and from home. G Suite is a special setup of the popular G Suite tailored specifically for schools.  Some of the benefits of this setup are that accounts are managed by District 12 (and not by Google) and advertisements are all turned off.


Why is District 12 adopting G Suite?

G Suite is free and it is an excellent suite of powerful programs that allows for collaboration and sharing among both students and staff.  From a technical perspective, G Suite removes compatibility issues, allows for anytime, anywhere access, and can still be used in conjunction with typical Microsoft Office applications.  


How does my son or daughter get signed up for G Suite?

All students who currently have a signed District 12 Acceptable Use Agreement for Internet Access on file will be given a District 12 email address (ex: johndoe@cmsd12.org) that will serve as their login to G Suite.  


What if I didn't sign a MountainNet agreement for my child, but I want them to access G Suite?

You can download, complete, and return a MountainNet agreement to your child's school by clicking on the following link:  District 12 Acceptable Use of the Internet Agreement.


Is the MountainNet agreement required annually?

No.  Once you have signed your child's agreement (usually upon enrollment in D-12) the agreement stays in place unless you request it be revoked or your child violates the appropriate use agreement.


Will student accounts be turned off during the summer months?

No.  Accounts will remain active as long as a student is enrolled in District 12.


My child has a personal Gmail account.  Can they use that instead?

No.  All access to the District 12 G Suite must be accessed through a District-issued and managed email address.


Are there advertisements on G Suite like there are in my Gmail?

No.  All advertisements are turned off by Google and Google cannot collect information from education users for advertising purposes.


How does Google protect information?

Google has been certified to be compliant with the federal Family Education Records Privacy Act, and Google must also comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, which limits the ability to collect personal information from children.  Also, Google advertising is turned off for G Suite so no personal student information is collected for commercial purposes.  


Is G Suite filtered and safe?

Yes.  The Cheyenne Mountain School District is required to comply with the Child Internet Protection Act and as a result we will continue to provide comprehensive technology measures and policies that protect students.  This means that student Internet access will continue to be filtered and websites identified as containing harmful content will continue to be blocked, as is our current practice.   All other components of the MountainNet Agreement that you signed in order to allow your child(ren) access to the District 12 network and Internet will also remain in effect. 


Where can I find out more information about laws and policies designed to protect children accessing the Internet?


You can learn more about the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) by clicking here.


You can learn more about the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by clicking here.